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Richard Ennis




Oil on linen


Varied, anatomy, figurative, landscape, portraiture

Richard is an established British artist, with work in public and private collections throughout the world.

Richard was born in Clitheroe, Lancashire in 1958, and went on to study Fine Art at Bristol. Here his work straddled between cubism and total abstraction Following completing his PGCE at Reading University, Richard has taught art in a number of schools.

‘I have always been a keen draftsman and love so many aspects of art history. I have always been rather obsessed with the Italian Renaissance and other old masters but I also love anatomical art, surrealism and portraiture. I like to play around with the rules of form and stretch them as far as I can and this is an ongoing process.’

The paintings on show at Henley will be a collection of different aspects of that exploration and visualisation. Richard is drawn to paintings that have a dark beauty to them but which can unnerve and reach into the subconscious. Having concentrated on a series of commissions over the last 10 years, excitingly, this is Richard’s first show for some years.

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