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Jill Hobbs


West Berkshire


Acrylics, Oils


Figurative, Portrait, Narrative, Landscape


Jill aims to capture the rawest of human expression. Having worked as a nurse for over 13 years she uses her experience of humanity to depict the essence and 'heart' of her subjects. Jill paints in acrylic and oils on black, allowing the exploration of areas of light and contrast to depict the emotion or energy that she draws from the subject.

Excitingly, Jill is not just to be found at her home studio in beautiful West Berkshire, but also on tv – she had just taken part this year’s BBC1 “Make it at Market” which will air in late 2023. With this project Jill was guided by Artist and Mentor Sharon Walters to develop her personal practice.

Jill will be exhibiting a collection of “in the moments” artwork, sharing it for the first time at Connected III

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