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11 - 15 April 2024

Old Fire Station Gallery, Henley on Thames

About Connected

Connected  is an annual art exhibition curated by two artists, Liz Harvey and Cat Croxford. The exhibition, held at the wonderful Old Fire Station Gallery in Henley on Thames features specially invited artists who we have connected with through common creative practices, through our teaching, or via the local art community.


We believe in bringing a variety of new and different artists to the gallery to inspire and excite.  Exhibiting artwork that you may not have seen before, which will enrich your homes and stimulate the senses.

This year we have a timetable of events, including afternoon tea, wine and cheese evening and a link up with The Caversham Picture Framer's Alex Foster who will be coming in to show how frames can transform art!

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Meet the Curators

Both Liz and Cat have strong connections to Berkshire and South Oxfordshire and made their connection through teaching and sharing their artistic practice.  Liz studied in the area and has taught both here and overseas.  Cat grew up in Berkshire and until recently helped run JoeDaisy Studio in Mapledurham. 

Following on from the first Connected Exhibition in 2021, run in collaboration with artists Wendy Hodges and ceramicist Sue Mundy, Liz and Cat decided to continue the yearly exhibition with invited artists. 


 'We share a common vision of promoting art to all. We want to make and form new connections with our contemporaries, giving them a platform to exhibit in a vibrant and fabulous town.  Our privileged positions as creators and teachers means that we connect with many new and established artists, which makes it very hard to pick just a few to get involved with each exhibition!'


Connected 2024 marks their 3rd exhibition.  They believe in connecting buyers with exciting and original art and artists. Their goal is to create an inspiring space where people can come together to appreciate art, purchase original works and build connections.

'We are lucky to have artists that have interesting voices, whether they are new or established they work to high standards of quality, create unique works and perhaps bring a new perspective to what we expect to see in galleries.'

Liz and Cat continue to collaborate away from Connected - they both run workshops and courses and exhibit together, with a new exhibition of their work and response to North Yorkshire countryside planned for Autumn 2024.

Liz Harvey

Liz studied fine art and History of Art at the University of Reading and had a long and happy teaching career in Berkshire schools and overseas.  She has now set up a studio in North Yorkshire, inspired by the incredible landscape, light and space of the area.

Liz's artwork embraces a contemporary abstract style. Her focus lies in the structure and patterns of landscapes and natural forms. Through engaging marks and subtle colours, Liz creates harmonious and calm atmospheres in her work, immersing the viewer in a contemplative interpretation of the environment.  Each piece is a visual symphony of organic shapes and textures, inviting the audience to explore the natural world in a new light.

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Cat Croxford

Cat has been part of the Berkshire artists community for many years, starting JoeDaisy Studio in Mapledurham with her mother, Caroline Hulse, back in 2008.  

Her belief is that collaboration is key to an artist's success: 'Support within the community and cross promotion is how we all come up on a rising tide.  Celebrate all of our successes and we all benefit'

Her own work is inspired by woodlands and is well recognised in Berkshire...and soon the rest of the UK as she appears on Landscape Artist of the Year 2024 early next year.

Visit her website

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